Joël Côté Bergevin - Producer

Raise your audio standards.

The Audio Workshop - Crafting unique audio experiences


We analyze your song(s) together and take the time to find any weak elements in order to make it more cohesive, structured, dynamic and musical. That process can start at any time, from the writing, up to the very last stage of the recording. 


This is the moment where perfection is sought in every single take. The sonics are controlled in a way that will determinate the core of the sound characteristics on the record. As much as that is the most crucial step in the process, it also is the most fun because it's the perfect moment to come up with crazy ideas.  


The great misconception of editing is that it's used to ''fix'' the perfomance of a musician. In my opinion, an artist doesn't do any ''mistakes'' while creating something. Since the recording is already the quality control checkpoint, editing is mostly used to enhance a performance ; to take it from good, to great.  


After recording and editing the performance, here comes the time to put everything together. Since each musical intrument creates a specific spectrum of frequencies that can sometime overlap from one to another, it is very important to make place for all the elements. By altering the level, dynamics and spectral representation of the sounds recorded, we aim for clarity, impact and separation, to give the songs the sheen they deserve. 


Mastering is the final step of creating the record. Now that the mix is done, the balance of all the instruments is revised one last time, so that it meets the industry standards, but also to give it additional character and make it even more coherent. 


Post production includes ''voice-overs'' (recording an actor's voice on top of an original recording, whether it be for translation purposes, documentary needs or simply to add non-diegetic commentaries to a movie or video), foley (reproducing sounds present in a movie in the studio, for enhancing the audio quality), audio synchronization (such as dialogue alignment or replacement and radio or television commercials), original music composition, sound design and much more.