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Reamping consists of feeding an amplifier with a previously recorded guitar or bass DI, allowing maximum flexibility in terms of amp, cab, preamp and mic choices along with the possibility to try different microphone placements to fully shape the desired sound. A whole page is dedicated to this sevice because of the variety of amplifiers and cabinets available at the studio. With over 250+ reamps done in the past 4 years, reamping has now become a speciality at The Audio Workshop.

If you are interested in having your guitar and/or bass DI's reamped, please visit the contact page. For all the amplifiers, cabinets, pedals and microphones available for reamping, check out the equipment page. 





Melodic Hardcore



* Bare in mind that most of these reamping examples are from unfinished mixes sent by clients.


If you wish to hear more examples of a certain style, please visit the contact page and fill in the form.