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The beast is alive !!!


After 5 days of troubleshooting the non-responsive threshold function (to only found out it was not my error, but only a short in the actual copper traces of the PCB), I finally have a fully working GSSL bus compressor. Only need to install a simple relay system to have a true bypass and I'll be done with this thing. (Of course, cutting the shafts, putting the knobs on and closing the top lid are also in my plans !)


We're almost there !


Main board and turbo mod board connected.

Only things missing are to put in the IC's, fuse, the case ground and putting some heatsinks on the V regulators ! (and of course the knobs and some wire cleaning) 




Just finished the angled holes for the flat screws holding the PCB's, toroid and ground lug in the case. Only need to wire the toroid and assemble the case now.


Time for a break ! Or not...


This may look more like a big mess rather than anything cool but it's actually really cool ! Since I got my last shipment today, I finally got to start the wiring. Switches, pots, meter leds and turbo board ratios are in. 

Tomorrow: Finish wiring in the turbo board, XLR's, and hopefully the PSU + grounding. 

It's starting to come together slowly..