Joël Côté Bergevin - Producer

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photo credit: Drop It Studio

Hi, my name is Joël Côté Bergevin and I've been in the audio world for over a decade. I started out in highschool, playing local shows with my band before I slowly began to be more interested in production work and recording as I wanted to give my music the sound I thought it deserved. As I got more experienced with time, other bands started asking me to produce their songs and eventually do complete albums. From there, it snowballed into what I do today for a living; creating music, videos and most importantly, making people's dream a reality. 

Over the years, I developed an ongoing passion for creating different kinds of sounds, leading to unique textures, soundscapes and moods and that's how I started to build my own equipement. As of today, I've built multiple preamps, eq's, compressors and diverse studio furniture. The value I see in doing things yourself is equal to none, because as with anything in life, you can only get better at something if you're doing mistakes and learning from them. The sense of reward and pride that comes with a DIY mentality has always been the main reason I keep doing what I love and that I keep experimenting with different techniques, genres and all the other aspects related to creation, whether it be with audio, electronics, wood or videos. 

One thing people always tell me is that what they love about me is my work ethic and my dedication to all the projects I undertake. I think I could attribute that caracteristic of my personality to the perfectionist in me and my will to always strive for what's best in all situations. I can not settle for anything else other than quality and I will always do anything in my power to achieve the very best I can do, with the final outcome in mind and my clients' satisfaction being the number one priority. I like to take risks and bring something new to the beautiful universe that music is and one sure thing is that I want to be ahead of the curve for the years to come. 

- Joel